Full House Barrage Box


Full House – Display barrage pack

Contains 9 barrages

  1. cash play ,
  2. russian Roulette ,
  3. snake eyes ,
  4. aces High,
  5. loaded dice,
  6. jokers wild,
  7. jackpot,
  8. roll the dice
  9. casino

Shots – (see details)

Packing – 1/1

Duration – (see details)

Calibre – (see details)

Category – f3

Neq – total 2140g

Availability: Available on back-order

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Contents include –

  1. Cash play ,
  2. Russian Roulette , effects – Red tail to red star white strobe, greentail green star time rain, blue tail to titanium gold coco, silver tail silver coco crackling , 19 shot , 23 secs , 20mm , 146g neq
  3. Snake Eyes ,
  4. Aces High,
  5. Loaded Dice,
  6. Jokers Wild,
  7. Jackpot, effectsSilver coco and red; green and blue; yellow and white; blue and white; purple and white., 16shot , 30secs, 25mm, 224g neq
  8. Roll the Dice, effects – Green tail to green star gold strobe; blue tail to blue star to gold spider; red tail to red star with special effect; red tail to red star with gold chrysanthemum. 24 shot, 35 secs , 20mm, 295g neq
  9. Casino, effects – Red, blue, white strobe; brocade crown; red strobe with white strobe; gold strobe with green strobe;chrysanthemum. 50shot, 50secs, 20mm, 318g neq


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