Luna 4


Case Quantity 1

Category 4 Professional Display

Duration: 90 seconds

Shots: 100

NEC: 1570.8g

Tube Size: 30 mm

Size: 490x250x225mm



Availability: Out of stock

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Mixed  barrage:

A.Red and White Glittering w/Red Tail,

B.Yellow and Green w/Green Tail,

C. Red Palm and Blue w/ Red tail,

D.Purple Dahlia and Green Glittering w/Green Tail,

E. Red Dahlia and Silver Willow w/Red Tail,

F.Time Rain Willow w/Green Tail,

G. Purple Dahlia and Green Glittering w/Blue Tail,

H.Gold Wave and Crackling w/Red Tail,

I.Brocade Crown w/Time Rain Tail,

J.Blue and Gold Glittering w/Blue Tail,

K. Red Time Rain Willow w/Silver Tail,

L.Green Time Rain Willow w/Silver Tail,

M. Red Green Blue Dahlia and Time Rain w/Time Rain Tail.


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